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Podcast 468: Master Peace

With Matt Hazen. Powerful combination of Zeolite and Marine Plasma, supports vibrational and physical cellular cleansing… Read More

Lebens Quelle Energy Cells

These Energy Cells enable all living organisms to function at an optimized state. Based on the subtle energy principles of connecting you to the blueprint of the original vibrational patterns of Life. Read More

Understanding and Measuring Levels of Consciousness

Hawkins’ scale for LOC (Level of Consciousness) gives a standard for something that was not measured before… Read More

M-3 Method for Higher Consciousness

Nourish your body, mind and soul. Physically, mentally and spiritually. An easy path to rejuvenation and enlightenment… Read More

Author Farrell Brenner

Scientist, alchemist, behavioral psychologist and a drug counselor. His products deliver freedom from addictions, and enable optimal performance… Read More

Podcast 017: Nutrition and Consciousness

With Martin Pytela and Scott Paton. Managing emotional health with nutritional tools and vibrational supplements… Read More