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Flu Season

The flu is an infectious disease caused by the influenza virus. It attacks the respiratory system and is spread easily… Read More


Berberine, one of the alkaloids found in Goldenseal, was found to decrease the activity of an enzyme involved in tumor growth… Read More


Like many other spices, cloves contains antioxidants, they’re antibacterial and anti-parasitic. Help reduce nausea and improve breathing… Read More

Iodine: Universal Nutrient

We’re just beginning to rediscover the amazing curative powers of iodine… Read More

Post-Antibiotic Age: Germ Theory

Germ theory states there are separate diseases, and each one is caused by a particular microorganism… Read More


Strong and perfectly safe stimulator of milk production in lactating mothers, reputation of stimulating breast development… Read More


Rich in Vitamin C, flavonoids and rutin, all known to improve immune function. Juice and flower tea as a cold remedy… Read More

Superbugs vs Mankind

From 1940 to 1970 (the golden age of antibiotics) we developed thousands of antibiotics, then we squandered them… Read More

Influenza: Is It Dangerous?

The raw all-ages stats are low enough. Quite low enough. Quite, quite… Read More

Natural Flu Remedies: Four Effective Tips

Let the fever help you kill the infection read on for 4 key natural flu remedies… Read More

Humic Acid Effective Anti-Viral

Broad-spectrum effectiveness to prevent illness when consumed before the virus invades the body… Read More

Natural Influenza Protocol: Magnesium and Vitamin C

Government is considering spending billions to buy the influenza drug Tamiflu… Read More