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Electromagnetic Frequencies

Electromagnetic Frequencies Have you ever heard that cell phones are dangerous for your health? Or that your television can have a harmful effect on your brain, even when its turned off? That sleeping with a tablet next […]

Price vs. value

Price vs. value ​ Today’s society is so driven by money, its scary. People, who make money by selling fitness programs, diet supplements, and cosmetic must haves, try to convince us that everything can be purchased beauty, […]

David Wolfe

David Wolfe Interview When like minded people have a chance to talk and brainstorm, it is almost guaranteed to result in an awesome interview. David Wolfe is certainly no stranger to anyone who has any sort of […]

Steve Jobs and the truth about cancer

Steve Jobs and the Truth About Cancer Today’s episode of the Life Enthusiast podcast with Martin Pytela and Scott Paton is dedicated to the memory of Steve Jobs, the brilliant mind behind the Apple brand, who died […]

Best Life Ever

Best Life Ever with Taylor Wells If you could choose to be either happy or miserable in life, what would be your choice? There is no doubt that each and every one of us would pick happiness […]

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