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Yeast Fermented Nutrients

Fermented supplements are superior to others. The process significantly increases nutrient bioavailability… Read More

Nutritional Advise

How to support every body systems with proper nutrition, and optimize lifestyle choices… Read More

Soil Depletion of Nutrients

Modern agricultural practices grows more food, but depletes the soil of nutrients, producing food with less nutrients… Read More

Humic and Fulvic Acids Research

Both are present in all living soils, with fulvic being more prevalent in forest soils and humic more prevalent in grassland soils… Read More

Deuterium Sulfate: History and Uses

Permanently change the molecular structure of the soil through oxidation and reduction processes… Read More

Minerals and Trace Elements in Crystal Salt

Contains 84 minerals and trace elements, easily absorbed, like a whole food source… Read More

Vitamins and Minerals Overview

Now recommended even by mainstream professions to help prevent deficiencies… Read More

Exsula Superfoods Renaissance Formulas

The result of 36 years observing, questing and developing Energized Water from Exsula Superfood blend originator Dr. Jevari Oberon… Read More

Lymph pH Management

Mineral absorption is the ultimate alkalizer. Most of us are acidic, find your Metabolic Type to determine if you are… Read More

Mineral Balancing Regimen

Helps balance your central nervous system, alkalize lymphatic system, rebuild the calcium/magnesium equilibrium in the skeleton and muscles… Read More

Podcast 104: Minerals and Deficiency Symptoms

With Martin Pytela and Scott Paton. Symptoms of mineral deficiencies and which supplement can reduce/eliminate symptoms, from headaches to varicose veins… Read More

Podcast 077: Importance of Good Nutrition

With Martin Pytela and Scott Paton. Poor nutrition causes the vast majority of chronic health problems, and needs to be considered a cornerstone of all health rebuilding programs… Read More