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Podcast 421: Iridesca Superfood Blend

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Podcast 358: Powrtein

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Supplementation is Crucial for Health

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Is French Fry a Vegetable?

Jamie Oliver asked a classroom full of six year old kids to name some vegetables. Not one of the kids recognized a potato, never mind something as exotic as a broccoli. Read More

The Power of Iridesca

Iridesca can transform your life. Read More

Darren Beddard and Life Enthusiast

I have been involved with Jevari Oberon, the Exsula products, and business, since its earliest days in the late 1980’s. Read More


In treating cancer with chemotherapy or radiation, both of which can damage healthy cells as they attack cancer cells, beta-carotene taken with other carotenoids, such as lycopene, and antioxidants such as vitamins C and E, may help to protect the body. Read More

Chia Seeds – Worth The Hype?

Chia seeds are very versatile in cooking, especially because they are neutral in flavor so they will not affect the taste at all. Read More

Superfoods: Easy Upgrade Your Nutrition AND Health

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Podcast 356: Lazarus

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Podcast 347: Plants and Life

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Podcast 025: Anti-aging Enzymes, Minerals and Superfoods

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Podcast 009: Quality Nutrition

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