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Bundle: Total Body Repair

Fast Recovery from a Significant Health Setback
Price: $845.25
  • Potent Formulas Help Rebuild a Damaged Body
  • Help Restore Mobility and Bone Strength
  • May Restore Optimal Cardiovascular Functions
  • May Reduce Risk of Tumors

Fast Recovery from a Significant Health Setback



  • Helps Rebuild a Damaged Body
  • May Reverse Aging, the Wasting-away Process - Feel Youthful
  • Helps Repair Kidney Damage
Powder: 370g/13oz


  • Ultimate and Complete Nutrition
  • For Serious Immune System Challenges
  • Supports Optimum Health, Peak Performance and Longevity
  • Convenient and Economical (highest quality ingredients)
Powder: 400g/14oz


  • Helps Strengthen Connective Tissues
  • May Increase Mobility and Bone Strength
  • Choose your Ecklonia Cava Strength (AuraSil or AuraFit)
Powder: 400g/14oz

Heart Studies Formula

  • Helps Restore Optimal Cardiovascular Function without Surgery
  • Helps Dissolve and Flush Out Arterial Plaque
  • May Normalize Blood Pressure
  • Helps Improve Physical Performance
Powder: 400g/14oz


  • Breakthrough For Healthy Cells and Longevity
  • Promotes Natural Cell Death, May Reduce Tumors
  • Antibacterial and Antiviral
Powder: 400g/14oz

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Exsula Superfoods BundleTotol BodyExsula Superfoods BundleTotol Body


Bundle: Total Body Repair contains essential nutritional supplements to speed your recovery after a significant health trauma (disease, surgery, injury).

This bundle includes:

1. Lazarus (13oz)
Potent formula helps rebuild a damaged body.

2. Iridesca (14oz)
Superfood blend helps peak performance and longevity.

3. AuraMax (14oz)
Superfood blend to helps restore mobility and bone strength.

4. Heart Studies Formula (14oz)
May restore optimal cardiovascular function without surgery.

5. EllagiPlex (14oz)
Powerful anti-tumor formula.


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