Autism in Utah Has Doubled

It is astounding that the media is never alarmed about autism, nor is there any criticism of the scientific/medical communities failure to know anything about the disorder except that the out-of-control vaccine schedule doesn’t cause it. The reporting from FOX13 in Salt Lake City is a great example of how the media covers autism. A new study about autism in Utah presents startling numbers about how many children have been diagnosed with the disorder. The University of Utah study looked at children previously diagnosed in Salt Lake, Davis and Utah counties. It found that 1 in 77 eight-year-olds in Utah have some form of autism. That’s double the number in 2002, when it was calculated at one in 154.

It doubled in 10 years!

Stories like these are regularly seen in the media. We see what’s coming but its as if we have no choice but acceptance. Were being programmed to surrender to autism, no questions asked. A disabled subclass of needy, neglected children is now the norm, and when theyre adults, we can only expect that the nightmare will get worse. If everyone is concerned about autism (doctors, health officials and the media), then why is nothing being done? All those who should be doing something to address this health care emergency seem impotent and uncaring. Imagine how the government is going to respond when tens of thousands of young adults with autism in every state in the U.S. start going on disability.

Author: Life Enthusiast Staff