Reverse Arteriosclerosis – Part 2 of 2

Chelation Therapy

Many of the leaders in the natural health field have great confidence in chelation. In this therapy, EDTA (calcium disodium versenate) is intravenously infused into the body over three to four hours. The EDTA attaches to minerals (lead, iron, calcium, and cadmium) and causes them to be excreted by the kidney. Studies have shown that this form of therapy appears to act as a powerful antioxidant. More than 500,000 patients have received this treatment worldwide. Among the conditions that have benefited from this therapy are heart pain (angina pectoris), impaired circulation to the legs (claudication), high cholesterol, mental confusion, and arteriosclerosis of the arteries to the brain. Certainly, the antioxidant effect of this therapy should permit slow improvement in the arterial circulation. Additionally, removal of excess iron could decrease the risk of subsequent heart attacks.[15]

An important new concept about chelation relates to the inner lining of blood vessels (endothelium). This lining tissue generates the powerful arterial vessel dilator nitric oxide. The endothelium also produces prostacyclin, which slows the clotting of blood and causes dilating of arteries. A third important endothelial product is heparin, a potent substance that helps prevent clots from forming. Excessive deposition of heavy metals in the endothelium diminishes the endotheliums ability to produce nitric oxide, prostacyclin, and heparin.[16] Chelation may restore the bodys ability to create these important substances by removing these metals from the endothelial lining. The latest improvement in chelation permits this therapy to be administered orally. Oral chelation obviously will not be as fast as intravenous chelation but this is not an important issue for most patients.

Lead poisons the body’s enzyme systems. The bones of modern man contain 1000 times more lead[17] than the bones of men living 400 years ago. It takes seven to twenty years for the body to completely replace lead from bone tissue. Since bone is the primary storage area for lead, there is clearly no necessity for rapid chelation by intravenous therapy for most patients. Many health problems (learning disorders, cancer, heart disease, infections, ADHD, autism, hypertension, cataracts, etc.) are made worse by the high levels of lead found in our bodies. Doing chelation orally is simpler and less expensive than the intravenous approach.

One of the leading authorities in chelation therapy, Dr. Garry Gordon, has developed an oral chelation product Essential Daily Defense (EDD). EDD contains niacin, garlic powder, calcium EDTA, MSM (methyl sulfanyl methane), malic acid, betaine HCL, carrageenan, papain, silica, dl-methionine, beta-sitosterol, crataegus 6x (Hawthorn berry), modified cellulose gum, cholesterol free stearic acid, and gelatin. Iron is now being recognized as a health hazard. The malic acid in EDD derived from apples binds iron and decreases iron stores in the body. This does not proceed to a state where iron deficiency anemia appears, but it does lead to decreased production of free radicals which is, of course, desirable.

One of the most important components in EDD is the sulfated polysaccharide derived from red algae. This polysaccharide interacts with EDTA to produce a definite decrease in the clotting tendency of blood (lower viscosity due to heparin). This decrease in viscosity permits blood to flow more freely, which requires less work by the heart. Additionally, this heparin like anticlotting effect acquired with EDD therapy makes it nearly impossible for a patient to have a heart attack, stroke or gangrene. In this state of absent clotting and high antioxidant activity atherosclerotic plaques are slowly and steadily dissolved. There is no problem with bleeding. The garlic contained in EDD binds mercury, facilitating its removal from the body. Anyone taking EDD needs to be taking a good vitamin mineral supplement because EDD over time can deplete the body of minerals.

EDD is proving so effective that many practitioners have switched from intravenous to oral use of EDD. This is simpler and less expensive for patients. Oral and intravenous chelation are complex, so therapy ideally should be guided by a practitioner experienced in chelation. At times, the metals simply move from one site in the body to another instead of leaving the body. There is no doubt that removing metals from the endothelial membranes improves oxygenation and nutrient entry into cells resulting in improved health. Because of the toxic metal, chemical, herbicide and pesticide exposure we all are exposed to, I think everyone should start EDD or a similar product and remain on it permanently. Many leaders in the natural health field are already doing so.

Essential Daily Defense can be obtained from Longevity Plus (800-580-7567), and from the Natural Health Team (800-416-2806,

Gingivitis (Gum Disease) And Arteriosclerosis

Diseased gums account for 70% of lost teeth. Approximately thirty million Americans have lost all their natural teeth. The spread of bacteria from diseased gums via the blood stream has long been known to account for a high percentage of heart valve infections (bacterial endocarditis). Recent advances in cardiology have revealed that blood tests indicative of an inflammatory reaction in the body (elevated sedimentation rate, elevation of the C reactive protein, etc.) are a valuable predictor of impending heart attack. Dr. Robert Genko, editor of the American Academy of Periodontal Journal, claims that persons with gingival disease are 27 times more likely to suffer a heart attack than are persons with healthy gums. An American Heart Association paper disclosed that 85% of heart attack victims had gum disease compared to 29% of healthy similar patients.

Narrowing of the carotid arteries in the neck was 50% greater in elderly patients with gum disease when compared to similar patients without gum disease. The cause for this narrowing of arteries in the heart and neck has not been defined, but may relate to the adverse effects infectious inflammatory conditions have in producing arteriosclerosis. There are many causes for inflammatory reactions in the body, but when gingivitis is found, it can be reversed. The propensity of gingivitis to produce artery narrowing makes a strong case for treating all patients with gingivitis with an effective therapy(Oral Guard).

An interesting study in pregnant women revealed that mothers with severe gum disease were eight times more likely to have an underweight premature baby than mothers with healthy gums. We think Oral Guard OG is very effective in treating gingivitis. OG contains 35% food-grade hydrogen peroxide, which has long been recognized as an effective therapy for gingivitis. Another component of Oral Guard is green tea, which inhibits the growth and adherence of bacteria to teeth and gums, as well as acting against the development of malignant tissue in the oral cavity. The folic acid in OG helps promote proper reproduction of oral cavity cells and thus acts to help prevent oral cancers from developing. Co Q10 is a powerful antioxidant, which negates free radical injury. OG also contains aloe vera extract, comfrey root, eucalyptus oil, propolis extract, menthol, St. Johns wort, vitamin K, and alpha lipoic acid – all of which fight infection and promote healing.

OG is supplied in a nebulizer. Shake well before using. Spray several times along the teeth and gum lines. Swish OG around in the mouth for several minutes before spitting out. Persons with severe gingivitis should use OG before every meal. The dosage frequency can be reduced as improvement occurs. Oral Guard has a pleasant taste and leaves the mouth feeling refreshed. We feel confident that persons using this product will heal gingivitis and thus be able to preserve their teeth. Additionally, the resolution of gingival infections should cause a decrease in heart attacks, strokes, and heart valve infections. Routine tooth brushing and flossing with regular dental office tooth cleaning does not appear to be as effective in preventing plaque buildup, receding gums, and the development of gingival disease as does regular use of Oral Guard. My wifes dental pain, receding gums, and loose teeth began to disappear after a few weeks of Oral Guard. Elevated CRP and sedimentation values that are not obviously coming from gingivitis frequently respond to cucurmin(tumeric) therapy taken 500 mg tree times daily. Oral Guard can be obtained from Life-Tech (888-634-3810) and from the Natural Health Team (1-800-416-2806,

What Role Should Statin Drugs Play In Managing Arteriosclerosis?

The statin drugs (Mevacor, Xocor, Lipitor, Pravacol, Crestor, Lescol etc.) are heavily promoted on television. Each year the indications that would encourage practitioners to place more patients on statin drugs become expanded to increase pharmaceutical earnings.

These drugs are clearly capable of lowering the blood levels of cholesterol. Cholesterol is a major component in cell membranes of brain, skin, nerves , muscle, liver, intestines and heart. Cholesterol is vital in producing important hormones, Vitamin D, the bile acids needed to digest fat, and maintaining the function of the immune system. Obviously a drug capable of decreasing access to cholesterol could cause profound change in many important body functions.

In my opinion statins are dangerous drugs for the following reasons:

1- Statin Drugs Lower The Level Of CoQ 10 In The Body.
The FDA has refused to add to the package insert that all patients on statin drugs should be taking CoQ 10 because it might decrease the sales of statins. CoQ 10 is an effective therapy for cancer so lack of CoQ 10. may be playing a role in causing cancer. All patienst on stain drugs should be taking 100 to 200 mg of CoQ 10 daily. Considerable medical research points to Co Q10 as an essential nutrient that promotes longevity[18] and has other desirable effects. No harmful side effects have been detected in patients taking Co Q10. We like it as a basic therapy for hypertension because of this safety.

2- Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF) attacks tumor cells and stimulates inflammation. This activity to kill tumor cells is quite important and usually cancer patients have low levels of TNF. The statin drugs are known to inhibit the action of TNF. Recent studies have revealed that patients taking statin drugs have higher rates of lymphomas[19] than normal persons do.

3- Transient Global Amnesia
Transient Global Amnesia is an interesting neurological disorder in which the patient has total loss of memory for varying periods of time, often several hours. During these episodes, the patient does not know who he or she is, does not know what they are doing and often has complete loss of memory about their history. Fortunately, the memory loss episodes are completely resolved after some period of hours (up to twelve hours is not unusual).Recently numerous persons taking statin drugs (Mevacor, Xocor, Lipitor etc.) to lower cholesterol have been discovered to have Transient Global Amnesia Thousands of persons with memory dysfunction have the common finding of use of statin drugs.

It appears that for every person experiencing Transient Global Amnesia while taking statins, there are thousands of individuals who have had extreme forgetfulness, incapacitating confusion and profound disorientation during statin therapy. This adverse relationship is nearly completely unknown in the medical community. The memory lapses may continue to occur for from several weeks to as long as three months after stopping the statin therapy. Millions of senior citizens are living out their lives in a blur of mental confusion because they are taking statin drugs. Peripheral neuritis is also seen in persoms taking statin drugs.

4- Liver Damage
Liver cell damage occurs with statin drugs. At times the values become so abnormal the therapy must be stopped.

5- Cancer
I expect a large number of lawsuits against pharmaceutical firms when cancer becomes linked to use of statin drugs. Research performed by Dr. Thomas Newman[20] and Dr. Stephen Hulley at U.C. Medical School in San Francisco revealed that most cholesterol lowering statin drugs when given to animals in doses comparable to human dosage caused cancer in test animals. Since lymphomas have already been proven to be caused by statin drugs cancer will probably follow suit if any careful statistical studies are ever done. The authors of this study were alarmed that statin drugs were released for use by the public but observed “The pharmaceutical companies manufacturing these drugs downplayed the importance of these side effects and, thereby, removed any obstacles for their approval.

Review Of Therapy For Arteriosclerosis

Arteriosclerosis is primarily a nutritional disorder which should not be expected to respond to surgical therapy with bypass surgery, angioplasties and stent placement as these operations do nothing to repair the deficiencies of Vitamin K2 (Synergy K), Vitamin C, homocysteine excess which produces plaque formation, sluggish blood flow and a dangerous clotting tendency, infections and toxic metals in the lining of arteries, excess quantities of Lipoprotein (a), excessive intake of sugar and gingival infectious disease which trigger the development of arterial disease. Excess dietary sugar is the prime cause for arteriosclerotic heart disease in women and the second most important cause for this disease in men. No effort has ever been made in the public health arena to curb sugar intake in the USA despite rapidly escalating numbers of patients with Type 2 diabetes. Business profits are far more important than the health of the American populace.

Patients with arteriosclerosis can expect to recover from their disease using a combination of Vitamin K2(Synergy K), L-lysine and Vitamin C, oral chelation with Essential Daily Defense, correction of excess homocysteine(trimethyl glycine, B6, Folic Acid), restriction of sugar intake, and healing of gingivitis, when present, with Oral Guard, B complex, Minerals including Trace Minerals and Key Nutrients. Curcumin (turmeric) can prove worthwhile for persons with evidence of inflammation (elevated sedimentation rates and positive tests for C-reactive Protein). We think Vitamin K2 (Synergy K) is a vital therapy as it corrects arteriosclerosis and is an effective therapy for osteoporosis as well.

The use of expensive, dangerous surgical therapies which do nothing to correct the degenerative nutritional problems causing arteriosclerosis is a gigantic albatross hanging around the neck of the U.S. health care system.

Author: Dr. James Howenstine, MD