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Podcast 474: Staying Healthy in a Toxic World

Interconnectedness of chemical sensitivities and intolerances, autism and geo-engineering… Read More

Podcast 442: Sulfur Salts

With Phil Thomas. Sulfur Salts help you detoxify from heavy metals, enhance circulatory health, repair thyroid and metabolic functions, improve blood pressure, stress and more… Read More

Podcast 393: Zeolite Improves Your Health

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Lead Toxicity

Symptoms, effects, sources and detection… Read More

High Lead Content in Costume Jewelry

A study found that some jewelry sold in many large stores may contain brain-damaging amounts of lead… Read More

Common Toxic Metals to Avoid

Mercury (dental fillings), thimoserol (vaccines), lead (paint, gasoline), aluminum (antiperspirants) and more… Read More

Natural Medicine for the Times

People who self-medicate without guidance can sometimes do more harm than good… Read More

Podcast 051: Zeolite for Detoxification

With Martin Pytela and Scott Paton. Zeolite binds toxins by capturing them in its honey-comb like structure. It also interferes with viral cell replication… Read More