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Marco… Polio!

From “The Dangers Of Vaccines and Vaccination”. The polio vaccine was the greatest medical con job of all time… Read More

Vaccinations: To Be or Not to Be

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Some vaccines are ineffective and even be harmful… Read More

Vaccination Facts

Parents Requesting Open Vaccine Education (PROVE) is offering facts that are often missed, or not disclosed…. Read More

Vaccination and Autism Link

Mainstream medicine insists vaccinations are a no-brainer, but we must consider the side effects… Read More


Many parents are vilified for not getting their kids vaccinated, called bad mothers or danger to society… Read More

Universal Immunization: Miracle or Mirage?

WHO set a new worldwide standard, more intensified goal of 90% immunization by 2000… Read More

Mercury in Vaccines Linked to Autism Epidemic

Zeolite removes toxins that can provoke chronic inflammatory and neurological conditions, fatigue and pain… Read More

Do You Need a Flu Shot (2018)?

Wondering if mainstream media is doing a good job of presenting balanced information about vaccinations… Read More

Vaccine Alert: Schools Not Listening

A furious Ohio mother says her 7-year-old son, who has had problems with medications, was vaccinated for swine flu at school against her wishes… Read More

Autism and Vaccination

TV show host was grilling Dr. Andrew Wakefield about his claim that vaccinations may cause autism. Cases have increased 100 fold in the past 20ish years… Read More

Vitamin C, Shingles and Vaccination

Shingles painfully affects areas supplied by spinal nerves, known as dermatomes… Read More

Vaccination: Survival of the Correctly Informed

Some common falsehoods that most believe, and are detrimental to human health and immunity… Read More