The Zeolite Detox Protocol

In America we release 50,000 tons of mercury into the air every year from coal burning alone. The jet stream brings us the pollution from coal burning in China and from the nuclear reactor failure from Japan which then falls with rain on our fields and enters our food chain, in produce, and in animal feed. Dentists still use mercury amalgam fillings, despite the damning evidence. Every time you chew you release a tiny amount of mercury vapor that disrupts your immune system function, your digestive system balance, and that contributes to the rising levels of inflammation, brain function problems, and your elimination organ trouble.

There are other heavy metals, including lead and cadmium, besides herbicides, pesticides, and volatile organic compounds that contribute to the civilization disease rise that we are seeing all around us. Using food-grade clinoptilolite, a safe-to-ingest form of zeolite, is an excellent form of detoxification. We make zeolite available in three forms: liquid drops, capsules, and bulk powder. The active ingredient is identical in all three, it is packed for your convenience and to fit your life-style. Either way it is safe to include a maintenance dose of zeolite in your everyday supplementation to remove the toxins you inhale, or ingest as drink or food.

If you are suffering from an inflammatory disease, you should try and decrease your overall toxic load with zeolite. With liquid zeolite you can use between 5 and 50 drops per day, adding some into every glass of water you drink. You can take between 1 and 6 capsules per day, depending on how fast you want to detoxify. It is best to spread the intake evenly through your day, because zeolite is eliminated in just a few hours. We have tested many zeolite suppliers, and settled on the most consistent and reliable sources of clean, effective food-grade zeolite to help you remove the threat of industrial age toxins from your body.

Author: Life Enthusiast