Digestion and Food Intolerances

Digestion and Food Intolerances Symptoms of poor digestion are not always recognized. One can have heartburn, constipation and/or diarrhea. It can also cause inflammation and pain in any part of your body. Allergies can develop or worsen. For good health in both the long and short term, we need to efficiently absorb adequate nutrients. And that means good digestion. Dehydration can cause poor digestion, as can a lack of digestive enzymes and imbalanced gut flora. Support good digestion with Energized Water, Digestive Enzymes, Fiber and Probiotics. Take a look at all our Blogs about Digestion and Food Intolerances. You might enjoy listening to our Podcasts for current information on health repair and maintenance.

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  • Remedylink Panaceum


    Prebiotic Blend for Microbiome Support

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     By: RemedyLink
    Prebiotic Blend for Microbiome Support

    Panaceum nurtures your microbiome. A healthy microbiome may dramatically increase your lifespan and quality of life. We all want to feel healthy and youthful up right to the end. This formula is a symbiotic ancient intelligence made up of bacteria and bacteriophages. It helps manage all your key systems: Neurotransmitters Antibodies Hormones Antioxidants Blood sugar Detoxification. Nurturing your microbiome requires some oligosaccharides (special sugars). This powder contains 8 different oligosaccharides. They recreate the diet of a primitive and successful hunter-gatherer. Unfortunately, modern diets are nothing like that of our ancestors. So the microbiome becomes...

    • Supports a Healthy Internal Environment
    • May Strengthen Immunity
    • Helps Kill Parasites
  • RemedyLink, Phylamet


    Restoring Short Chain Fatty Acids with a Micro Enema

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     By: RemedyLink
    Restoring Short Chain Fatty Acids with a Micro Enema

    Phylamet micro enema supports good colon pH and microbiome health. Supplementing with Short Chain Fatty Acids (SCFAs) supports a healthy microbiome. A healthy microbiome has 11 times more Gram-positive than Gram–negative bacteria. With age this changes to 2 times more Gram–negative than Gram-positive with disastrous effects. SCFAs may support a proper ratio between Gram-positive and Gram–negative...

    • Healthy Microbiome Support
    • Supports Good Colon pH
    • Short Chain Fatty Acids (SCFAs)
  • PurelyWild Raw PineAlive with Black seed oil and pine extract plus 1 fl. oz.


    Anti-Inflammatory, Digestive and Immune Support

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     By: PurelyWild
    Anti-Inflammatory, Digestive and Immune Support

    PineAlive contains powerful resin acids and natural terpenes. From raw pine gum resin extract from the wild pine tree. Pine Resin Traditional Uses: Repair stomach and intestinal wounds Cleanse mouth, teeth  and breath Relieve coughs Balance blood sugar and appetite Repair skin boils, hemorrhoids, wounds, cuts and dry skin...

    • Supports Healthy Digestion and Immunity
    • Anti-inflammatory Helps Reduce Pain
    • Cleanses Mouth, Teeth and Breath
  • PurelyWild, PlumClenz


    Raw, Wild and Whole Plum Extract

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     By: PurelyWild
    Raw, Wild and Whole Plum Extract

    PlumClenz is a cleansing antioxidant. Rich in whole food polyphenols and pectin. Polyphenols have antioxidant properties that support overall good health. Wild plums are known for their cleansing properties, particularly in  digestive and urinary...

    • Antioxidant with Cleansing Properties
    • Supports Digestive and Urinary Systems
    • Rich in Polyphenols and Pectin
  • Algonot PureLut


    Supports Brain Health

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     By: Algonot
    Supports Brain Health

    PureLut is outstanding support for brain health and mitochondrial aging. Promote Harmony Between Body and Mind Helps increase attention, concentration, focus and learning May decrease age-related memory deficits Protects neurons May reduce free radicals and inflammation Minimizes stimulation of mast cells Helps tolerate sensitive foods. Luteolin Naturally occurring bioflavonoid shown to be a free radical scavenger with anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties. Also exhibits protective activity for muscle and nerve cells. Olive Pomace Oil Plays an important role in increasing the absorbability of flavonoids. Flavonoids are a group of natural molecules found in a variety of...

    • Helps Increase Attention and Focus
    • May Decrease Age-related Memory Deficits
    • May Reduce Free Radicals and Inflammation
  • Rosemanol

    Wild Rosemary Oil

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     By: North American Herb & Spice
    Wild Rosemary Oil
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    Rosemanol stimulates mental activity. Antioxidant ORAC value of 3,300 that is the same free radical fighting power as goji berries, and nearly four times more potent than BHT, the synthetic antioxidant used in preserving foods. Helps Relieve Stress Helps decrease cortisol in your saliva. Cortisol is a stress hormones that's released when you're stressed. May Increase Cognitive Function Excellent brain and nerve tonic, used by students during exams to increase concentration and focus. Rosemary stimulates mental activity. Good for mental fatigue, anxiety and forgetfulness. Hair Care Commonly used in shampoos and lotions. Helps stimulate hair follicles, making it...

    • Antioxidant (helps reverse signs of aging)
    • May Improve Brain Functions (anxiety, focus, forgetfulness)
    • Helps Liver and Gallbladder Function (digestion, allergies)
    • Use Topically to Relieve Aches and Pains
  • Sagenol

    Helps Speed Repair, Internally and Externally

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     By: North American Herb & Spice
    Helps Speed Repair, Internally and Externally
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    Sagenol Anti-aging is the most valuable aspect of Sage Oil - used extensively in anti-aging and skin care products because it's antioxidant properties slow down aging and prevents symptoms (wrinkles, sagging skin and muscles, reduced vision and hearing, declining brain functions and nervous disorders). Research shows that Sagenol has three times more antioxidant power than vitamin E Helps speed repair wounds. Helps eliminate scars, even those left by boils, pox and sores Stimulates your brain, nervous system, liver, spleen, circulatory and excretory systems - this helps activate and optimize their functions...

    • Antiseptic to Help Speed Repairs
    • May Improve Digestion
    • Delicious Seasoning for Food
  • PurelyWild SpruceAlive Wild, raw spruce extract-plus 1 fl. oz.

    SpruceAlive Drops

    Full Spectrum Spruce Resin Extract

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     By: PurelyWild
    Full Spectrum Spruce Resin Extract

    SpruceAlive Drops support your cellular health. With the power of wild, raw Spruce Resin Extract. Topical antibacterial and antifungal properties support healthy tissue regeneration to help repair skin sores and wounds Supports your natural internal cleansing response Helps cleanse urinary and digestive systems May increase strength needed for daily work Supports healthy sleep (rise earlier with more energy and strength). Ethically picked and processed. Carefully removed by hand from trees in the far northern wilderness. Spruce resin is produced by wild spruce trees to repair them from trauma and injury. Humans can...

    • Supports Cellular Health and Tissue Regeneration
    • Antibacterial and Antifungal (skin repair)
    • Digestive, Immune, Heart, Blood pressure and Prostate Support
  • Exsula Superfoods, Strata-Flora both sizes


    Cleanse and Rebuild Digestive Health

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     By: Exsula Superfoods
    Cleanse and Rebuild Digestive Health

    Strata-Flora helps cleanse and rebuild digestive and immune health. May optimize bowel regularity. Helps eliminate bad bacteria, viruses, yeast and parasites. More than Probiotic supplementation. Helps balance your digestive flora. Probiotic supplements benefit the natural, good bacteria in your digestive tract. Just as "bad" bacteria can make us sick, good bacteria can protect us from degeneration and disease. Antibiotics means "against life" - probiotics means "for life". Supplementing with good, friendly bacteria (probiotics in Strata-Flora) aids digestion. This promotes natural immunity and resistance to diseases. Crucial to regain and maintain your health and vitality. Living...

    • May Optimize Bowel Regularity (less toxins=less pain)
    • Supports Digestive and Immune Restoration
    • Helps Eliminate Viruses, Bad Bacteria, Yeast and Parasites
  • Healthy Gut, Tributyrin-X


    Professional Grade PostBiotic

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     By: Healthy Gut
    Professional Grade PostBiotic

    Tributyrin-X is a revolutionary professional-grade PostBiotic. Supports the restoration of gut health, metabolism, immunity and: Helps regulate gut speed (motility) to slow down loose BM’s and support stuck ones May reduce inflammation Supports microbiome diversity and healthy mucosal layers Supports proper immune system activity Supports healthy mast cells and histamine levels May reduce skin eruptions Supports healthy weight management Helpful after restrictive diets or to increase FODMAP tolerance Powerful support for leaky gut and tight junctions. Tributyrin-X may help you get back to the life you want. Without stubborn gut discomfort...

    • Advanced Digestion Support
    • Supports Healthy Metabolism
    • Microbiome and Immune Support
  • RDT Herbs, TruCHAI


    Fresh-tasting Herb and Spice Chai Tea

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     By: RDT Herbs
    Fresh-tasting Herb and Spice Chai Tea

    TruCHAI creates an enticingly pleasant sensation on your tongue. And feels warming and cleansing in your stomach. Wonderfully fresh-tasting herb and spice blend. Unlike more recent Chai teas, this one does not include black tea. Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties Provides energy Boosts immunity Helps reduce anxiety Support heart health Promotes digestive health. Ingredients are pure concentrated powdered extracts. Only one teaspoon is needed to make a warm and robust Chai tea. A real Chai formula, based on the original Ayurvedic recipe. Chai is a hot drink of herbs and spices, enjoyed for many...

    • Antioxidant, Anti-inflammatory and Anti-microbial
    • Helps Reduce Anxiety
    • Supports Heart and Digestive Health
  • Detoxify Safely and Effectively

    Ultra Binder

    Detoxify Safely and Effectively

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     By: QuickSilver Scientific
    Detoxify Safely and Effectively

    Ultra Binder supports digestive health and may alleviate inflammation. May normalize bowel functions and flora. Helps you detoxify safely and effectively from a wide array of everyday toxins. The list of toxic substances we encounter in daily life is long: heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, hormone mimics, drug residues, food additives, mold and bacterial toxins. Ultra Binder can latch onto them all and escort them safely out of your body. Each ingredient has a strong ability to bind different classes of toxins. Together they offer a broad-spectrum binder that works. Because binders can be constipating,...

    • Binds To and Eliminates a Wide Array of Everyday Toxins
    • May Normalize Bowel Function and Flora
    • Non-constipating
  • White Pond Lily

    White Pond Lily

    Organic Herbal Tincture

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     By: Earth Friend Herb Co
    Organic Herbal Tincture

    White Pond Lily (Nymphaea odorata) Helps improve inflamed/irritated bowel, diarrhea and intestinal spasms May help prolapse in the pelvic area (bowel, uterus, bladder), vaginal dryness/irritation or excessive discharge, and excessive menstrual bleeding (more than 7 days) Helps bleeding gums, sore throat and thrush May relieve boils, sores and pressure sores May reduce excess bronchial mucus/congestion and irritated mucus...

    • May Improve Health of Mucus Membranes
    • Helps Relieve Mouth and Pressure Sores
    • May Help Prolapse in Pelvic Area