Life Enthusiast Newsletter 007

Most Everyone Needs Probiotics ~ Every Day

To recover from antibiotics, a stressful lifestyle, or a diet full of processed foods.

Dear Reader,

I’m really happy that you’ve taken the time to learn more about natural ways to look young and feel healthy. And how’s that working out for you? Please remember that no matter what you’ve been through, you CAN look younger and feel healthier!

Let’s get started on another (critical) path to health… PROBIOTICS!

Probiotics are essential for the health of your digestive system, which plays a very important role in the health of your immune system.

We cannot stress enough, the importance of a healthy digestive system. One big horrible effect of poor digestion is a compromised immune system.

Some people are not yet aware of Probiotics, so here’s a quick definition…
Anti-biotic means “against lifeso it follows that Pro-biotic means “for life“.

Probiotics are healthy, desirable bacteria.
Just as “bad” bacteria can make us sick, “good” bacteria can protect us from disease.

Living inside your digestive system is a vast amount of good bacteria, which perform very important functions, from your mouth down to your rectum. This good, friendly bacteria exists along side the bad bacteria – potential disease-causing bacteria. When the bad bacteria overgrow, the resulting imbalance creates discomforts and symptoms of disease, often an overgrowth of Candida albicans or yeast – most often a weakened immune system, poor digestion, aches and pains.

Your good bacteria and yeast must exist in balance, for you to stay healthy.

Many factors upset this balance, such as antibiotics, poor diet (sugar, processed foods, alcohol), stress, diarrhea and constipation.

Supplementing with good, friendly bacteria – Probiotics – aids digestion, promotes natural immunity and resistance to diseases, and is crucial in regaining and maintaining your health and vitality.

Symptoms of Healthy Digestion… The Benefits of Probiotics…

  • regular bowel movements (no constipation or diarrhea)
  • no heartburn
  • no bloating
  • healthy body weight
  • no unexplained stiff and sore joints
  • strong immune system (fewer or no colds, flus or infections).

Keep in mind that a poorly functioning digestive system can wreak all sorts of havoc with your body, depending on your personal weaknesses. Bad digestion can result in anything from arthritis to cancer… honestly. It all depends on your individual weak tendencies.

Picture this…
Over time, the water level in an old pond will slowly drain away (as do the reserves of youth in your body).
When the pond water level drops, random things will poke-up from the bottom (like discomfort or disease will surface in your aging body). Which particular discomfort or disease comes to the surface all depends on your individual weak tendencies.

My Personal Experience with Probiotics

by Ann-Louise, Editor at Life-Enthusiast

In 1963 (my first year of life) I had what the doctors called chronic bronchitis. These days, I think they would call it asthma. And they thought that antibiotics – their new miracle drug – would heal me. So for the first 10 months of my life, I was on antibiotics the whole time. And I stayed sick. They switched me from one antibiotic to another, always thinking that the next one would heal me. My poor, new little gut never had a chance. Never had a chance at proper colonization, to develop a strong immune system.

It’s crucial to understand how a healthy gut relates to a strong immune system.

While I was growing up, and even into my 40’s, my diet was not great. I didn’t eat hardly any fresh food. Very little fruits and veggies. White pasta with sauce, wine and processed foods of all sorts that I don’t really remember now. I just remember that there was not much fresh food. And now I totally understand its critical importance.

At the beginning of my 30’s, I had many, many coughs and colds. At least once a year, a cough developed into bronchitis. Then an herbalist friend told me about echinacea. This changed my life!

From then on, every time I felt a sore throat and cold coming on, I took an echinacea tincture. Then I didn’t get bronchitis anymore, but I still got a sore throat with fatigue quite often. And for a while there, it was happening every couple weeks.

Then another friend loaned me a book about Candida albicans, or yeast.
This changed my life too! I began to realize how my poor diet (processed foods, sugar and alcohol) was making me sick! Simply changing my diet to be mostly vegetables for a week seemed to cure my fatigue and sore throat! Imagine that!

But this also was temporary, until my herbalist friend told me about Probiotics… that we have good and bad bacteria inside us, as well as naturally occurring yeast. She said that by taking Probiotics, more good bacteria, the balance would be set straight.

I began to really see the correlation… when the balance in my gut was upset by my poor diet (sugar, processed foods and alcohol), then I got a sore throat and fatigue.

Holy Cow! This was amazing to me! The simple concept (diet) with this simple supplement (Probiotics), could keep me healthy!
Now, I was really onto something.

Fast forward to my health “train-wreck” in 2005. As I lay in my hospital bed recovering, I heard the surgeon ask the nurse how long I’d been on the IV antibiotics. Whatever her answer was (I don’t remember), the surgeon’s eyes went wide, his eyebrows raised and he said “Well that’s enough then”. I immediately thought “OMG!!! Now I’m in for it!” I knew that I’d have a great big recovery from just the antibiotic therapy.

Although the antibiotics contributed to saving my life,
I was going to need more therapy to recover from them… PROBIOTICS!

At this point, I asked the surgeon about taking Probiotics, and he asked “What’s that?” Times are really changing, because in 2010, my son had a ruptured appendix and antibiotic therapy. The doctors, nurses and even the pharmacist all recommended Probiotics. But they recommended Probiotics from yogurt… and that’s insufficient!

Not that long ago, the media began advertising Probiotics in yogurt. Even though there’s not anywhere near enough Probiotics in yogurt to recover a gut from antibiotic therapy, I think this is good marketing because it’s getting the words out there.

People are slowly becoming aware of the importance of good bacteria in their gut. Just know that recovery from antibiotic therapy requires Probiotics supplements in the form of capsules. Yogurt can be good, just not enough.

More Benefits of Probiotics

Antibiotics kill bacteria, both good and bad.
Probiotic supplements are critically important to re-colonize your intestine after antibiotic treatment. This is of utmost importance in regaining and maintaining your health in the long run.

Regular ingestion of Probiotics helps prevent vaginal yeast infections caused by candida albicans overgrowth.

Diarrhea flushes out your good intestinal microorganisms, leaving you vulnerable to opportunistic infections. Probiotic supplementation will replenish your beneficial bacteria and help prevent new infections. Research has shown that the incidence of traveler’s diarrhea can be reduced by the preventive use of probiotic supplements.

A good intestinal bacteria balance provides protection against a broad range of pathogens, including certain forms of Clostridia, Escherichia Coli, Salmonella, Shigella and Pseudomonas, as well as yeasts such as Candida albicans. This makes it an invaluable supplement to help prevent Traveler’s Diarrhea.

Probiotics can promote healthy digestion in lactose intolerant people.
The probiotic acidophilus is a source of lactase, the enzyme needed to digest milk sugar, which is insufficient in lactose-intolerant people.

A Word about PREbiotics

Prebiotics are food for your already present good bacteria.
Prebiotics enable the continued growth of your good bacteria by feeding them and stimulating their activity.

If your gut is not colonized by the right mix of microorganisms, you will not be able to reach your full potential. You will always be off… sometimes a little bit and sometimes a whole lot.

The Perfect Probiotic Formula…

Soil Based Organisms (SBOs)
Probiotics and Prebiotics in their native medium of Fulvic and Humic acid.

SBOs are the best, natural probiotics. Your body requires an abundance of SBO Probiotic cultures to build your immune system.

SBOs are extremely aggressive against all disease-causing viruses, bacteria, yeast, fungi and mold.

Eating commercially grown food keeps your diet deficient in SBO Probiotics. These microscopic probiotics are still present only in healthy soils that have not been commercially abused and tainted with pesticides.

So Much More Than Probiotics…


Not just probiotic supplementation…
Your complete solution for digestive restoration, from one end to the other.

Contains SBO Probiotics, Prebiotics (food for continued probiotic growth), Essential Fats, Antioxidants and even herbal parasite killers.

Sample of Ingredients
Because there are too many to list – please use the link to see them all.

  • Probiotic Blend Of 100 Billion Active Organisms
  • Apple Fiber, Hemp Nut Protein, Rice Bran
  • Seeds of Golden Flax, White Chia, Red Raspberry
  • Lecithin and Coenzyme Q10
  • Dulse, Dunaliella, Chlorella Kelp, Leaf Juices of Barley, Kamut, Alfalfa and Parsley

All ingredients are wild-crafted whenever we can, organic as a second choice, responsibly farmed when organic does not apply. No GMO (Genetically Modified) sources.

This type of immune support – Probiotics – can also give you relief from persistent coughs that last for weeks and won’t respond to antibiotics. Supermarket diets combined with years of casual use of laxatives and antibiotics have destroyed the beneficial digestive tract flora that you were born with, leaving only the meanest antibiotic-proof bacterial strains to thrive in a defenseless environment.

Help Your Gut to Strengthen Your Immunity

Author: Ann-Louise Evanoff with Martin Pytela