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Podcast 006: Effective Cleansing

With all the recent talk of swine flu, this Podcast is all the more valuable. In this episode, Martin and Scott talk about the various ways one can detoxify the body, leaving room for extra growth and vibrant energy.

We also discuss the problem of acidity in the body, and simple effective ways to balance your pH without changing your diet.

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One of the biggest health problems we face today is an excess of toxins floating around in the body. Keeping toxins out of your body solves symptoms I hear people describe to me all the time such as head spinning, abnormal feelings and inability to concentrate, all different from the symptoms of a flu or head cold. People who suffer from chronic fatigue feel this way all the time.

Auto-intoxification or self-pollution is when the body is unable to get rid of the toxins that are in its blood. It can affect your thinking in a big way. These toxins start in the lymphatic system and if things aren’t moving, they won’t be able to get out of the body.

Toxins your body receives often get “set aside” in the colon in undigested, putrefied pieces. When your body extracts water from the colon for its internal needs, the toxins are carried with the water into the bloodstream. The body then tries to get rid of them. If the filtering capacity of the liver and kidneys is overwhelmed, the toxins will be sent to the lymphatic system.

Exercise and eating lots of fiber are good ways to start counteracting this process, and there are plenty of ideas in this podcast!

Podcast 006: Effective Cleansing

Scott: Welcome back, everybody this is the Life Enthusiast podcast, restoring vitality to you and to the planet. I’m your co-host Scott Paton along with Martin Pytela. Hey Martin, how are you doing today?

Martin: It’s a great day Scott, thanks for asking.

Scott: Good, you know, I have had a bit of a cold lately and a few of my friends have had the flu and it seems to be that season.

Martin: You know, Scott, you exactly put your hand on it. It’s the season, it actually starts with Thanksgiving and it goes downhill towards Christmas, and then it really hits the skids about there. People are bombarded by the commercial messages that tell them all to start stocking up on Neocitran because you’re going to get sick and sure enough, they do get sick, but most of us don’t understand the actual cause behind it. The cause isn’t the virus, although that is what triggers it. The cause actually is the weakness in the immune system.

Scott: Okay, so it’s not that the virus is so strong, we get the virus it goes into the body and we’re helpless.

Martin: Well that’s what I’m saying . You know the virus is there all the time, year around. It’s not that this week the virus was stronger than last week. What happens is that you’re weaker this week then you were last week, and that’s where you fall for it. The infection is there all the time, but when your immune system is in good shape it resists. When it hits the threshold, when you’re weaker than what the virus is loading on you, you fall ill.

Scott: Okay, so how can we add how can we improve our, how can we get rid of it?

Martin: Well I want to draw attention to the cause. The cause actually is the pH balanced of the lymphatic system. As soon as the lymphatic system becomes more acidic, immune system weakens and the acidity is caused, well we have a whole list of causes on the website if you go into the health education and look at pH balance you’ll see pages and pages explaining it in great detail, but that the simple truth of it is that when you eat cooked proteins they are probably the most acidic or most acid forming foods that you can ingest together with sugar, together with coffee together with less exercise and less sleep. Does that sound like celebration time for you?

Scott: It does because I usually have a lot of sweets. I don’t usually drink coffee, but I’ll take hot chocolate instead. Don’t get enough sleep and certainly not enough rest.

Martin: And next thing you know you are sniffling. So this is the sign that your body is no longer able to resist the invaders from the outside. So if you really want to stay ahead of it of course you would eat healthier year round.

Scott: Well and I think to a lot of people think they do eat healthy when they don’t really.

Martin: Yeah, it’s the cooked proteins, it’s the cooked meats that puts the biggest load on the eliminative system and if you overwhelm the eliminative system instead of getting it out through the natural openings that your body has this it gets stored it get stuck in your lymphatic system waiting for the next opportunity to get rid of it.

Scott: So what you’re telling me is if after Christmas dinner I barely make it to the couch, flop down on the couch turn the TV on and go “Oh I’m so stuffed” I’m probably not doing my body any favors.

Martin: Well apparently not, it was a binge of oral pleasures and that’s wonderful because that’s soothing your emotional needs but physically it’s not doing wonderful things for you. So anyway, so here we are so many to figure out some way to the detox as quickly as possible. And in order to at least get rid of a cold or forestall it.

Scott: And Martin when I hear the word detox. I think of a very, very unpleasant experiences.

Martin: Well yes, at the Life Enthusiast we have tried to come up with ways to make it easy for people. And you know one of the more pleasant ways to alkalize your lymphatic system is actually well it’s a misnomer. It’s de-acidified, taking the acids out of the system would be just as effective as causing it to alkalize.

Scott: You mentioned the lymphatic system a few times and for those of us like myself who don’t know really what that is, could you just give us an idea of what the system is, what it does?

Martin: Sure, the lymph, wait let me start further back, your body is about 70% of water and 30% of solid material. So we are actually water based life forms and there is about four or five liters or quarts of blood and then there is the intra cellular fluid, your cells are wet on the inside, and then there’s the extra cellular fluid and that’s the lymphatic fluid, it’s all the wet stuff that’s sloshing around in your body outside of the circulatory system. In fact, you know your blood can only get as far as the capillaries, the red blood cells push through the capillaries one at a time, that’s how tiny those blood vessels are. After that there comes the interface to the lymphatic system. It’s like the sewage system of your body. Everything that washes out of the cells washes into the lymphatic system, and it doesn’t have its own pump the way the blood circulatory system has with the heart, the lymphatic system moves only when you move so when you jump up and down or move to swing your arms to exercise. That’s when the lymphatic fluids move. If you are just lying still in your bed it just sits there like a stagnant pond.

Scott: So you can either be a nice clear running brook coming down from the mountain or you can be a stagnant pond that grows algae and all sorts of smelly stuff.

Martin: You know that’s a perfect analogy. So that’s why people who move who’ll do walking or any exercise are healthier than those that are mostly sedentary.

Scott: We’re built to walk right. Hundreds of thousands or millions of years ago we would wander around the savanna looking for food.

Martin: Yeah, we are meant to move. Sitting at a desk is a wrong lifestyle.

Scott: I knew that and of course as you know a lot of my work is sitting at a desk so I don’t sit on a seat I sit on when those big round balls. I was just thinking about it as we were talking about it because I’m moving back and forth and side to side as we’re talking but, as I work it’s the some of the same thing but and then stand up a lot.

Martin: And one of the most effective ways of moving the lymphatic fluid around is a rebounder, just a very simple little trampoline and you don’t have to jump high or get into any violent motions, all you need is up 4 inches down 4 inches. Just a little gentle slosh to just get the water lapping up and down,

Scott: Just like the tide coming in and going out. So tell me more about how I can be less acidic.

Martin: So here we go. The principle of osmosis is about this, if you create an alkaline environment on one side of a membrane and acid environment on the other side of the membrane. Naturally, the pH balance will want to equalize by passing ions through the membrane. That’s how osmosis water filters work… that’s how most life mineral exchanges take place. So in this case, we have the skin as the membrane and on the inside you have acidic lymphatic fluid and now we need to figure something out for the outside and it’s called your bathtub. And we need to make sure that it’s alkaline.

Scott: So the body is acidic and if our skin is that membrane you’re talking about. So if we make, if we sit and an alkaline environment alkaline will be pulled into the body and the acidity will be pulled out.

Martin: That’s correct. That’s how they work so the only other thing we need to do is to lower the permeability or rather increase the permeability, lower the resistance of the skin and we do that with soap. So here we have, we actually sell a product called Miracle II it’s a natural soap made from Coconuts, nontoxic detergent and very effective. It is one of a few soap that you could actually swallow without getting sick and so you will take half an ounce of this miracle II green liquid soap and put it your tub, run the water make it all beautifully bubbly. And then add to the bath half ounce to 1 ounce of the liquid neutralizer, which is essentially bath salts, you create an alkaline environment in the tub, you just slip in and spend 20 to 30 minutes doing whatever you like doing in the tub, probably reading a book or just closing your eyes and meditating.

Scott: So, one way that we can balance the acidity in our body, detox as people would say is just by having a 20 minute nice hot bath. That doesn’t seem very difficult and doesn’t sound like that would taste awful or upset my stomach or anything.

Martin: Well Scott, you seem to be associating detox with the detoxification of your digestive system. Here we are talking about the lymphatic system, which is further downstream from the digestive. now that we’ve eaten all of the stuff it’s too late to cleanse the digestive. We’ve already committed the sin, now we need to look after the effects of what we’ve done.

Scott: So what can people expect if the, I mean I have to assume that the majority people have an acidic body and assume that’s normal.

Martin: Yes, unfortunately well number one there is a way to measure it. We do sell pH strips and that’s not expensive, 10 dollars buys you at least a year supply of the pH strips and you can check your saliva first thing in the morning, you need to do that before you start drinking anything else just clean your mouth by swallowing whatever’s in it. Get some saliva on the pH strip if it’s anything below 7.0 you’re acidic if it’s at 7.0 you’re balanced, it’s above your tending towards alkaline. The natural pH of the blood is 7.3 to 7.4, natural, healthy saliva is about 7.0 and natural urine is about 6.8 so you could check the pH of your urine of course and the urine needs to be a little acidic, because that’s how the body is getting rid of the acidity, if your urine is alkaline, you have a problem because you’re not getting rid of acidity.

Scott: If all of a sudden we went from being these acidic bodies to say we were balanced, what sort of changes do you think most people would see?

Martin: Well the pH of the lymphatic system is directly related to its oxygen carrying capacity, when your body reaches the pH of 6.0 instead 7.0, you have lost 94% of your oxygen carrying capacity. So the effect is, you are tired, you are sluggish or your endurance is not so great. So when you reversed this by alkalizing or de-acidifying your lymphatic system you will get increase in energy, increase in endurance, your moods will improve because again depression and other mental states are directly associated to acidic lymphatics. You know this is so sad that the North American medical system tells you, you’re depressed, so need to take serotonin reuptake inhibitors. Not so, all you need to do is de-acidify and you’ll be filled with so much joy it’s going to be frightful

Scott: and all it takes is a 20 minute bath two times a week.

Martin: Of course, you know, if you’re far down that well of acidity, it is going to take some time to get rid of it. You have to do it every day until you feel so joyous you are quite certain that you’re no longer.

Scott: So these are the Miracle II products that you can get at right?

Martin: That’s correct, they are quite affordable. It’s only $15 a bottle and there is enough for 44 baths in the bottle of soap.

Scott: So you would get the liquid soap and the neutralizer, because I noticed there is also moisturizer and some gels right?

Martin: Okay well just to tell about it. The moisturizer, we have the soap available as moisturizing soap, which is for people whose skin tends to be too dry in the moisturizer itself is a concentrated moisturizer for folks that suffer from dry skin. This is something to put on after shaving or after getting out of the bath. Especially in dryer climates people like it quite a lot. The gel is a solid form of the neutralizer and it’s used on burns like sun burns or it’s also use of anything that’s red and inflamed such as a mosquito bite, wasp bite, and anything that’s swollen, red, unpleasant. In fact, my daughter just poked her head and said it’s very effective on toaster burn.

Scott: That’s great, so you don’t get the flu anymore.

Martin: Well I certainly haven’t had the flu in four years. I promise you that I will never sin again as I had to have a turkey dinner like in the other family. But I’m staying ahead of it.

Scott: And that’s the important thing, it’s not about you just eating legumes and carrots, you want to enjoy your life, but again, you wouldn’t go and throw a baseball to your son. Like I have two boys, I wouldn’t go in a busy street, in the middle of the street throwing a baseball to them. This wouldn’t make any sense. You go to a park to throw the baseball. Similarly, we need to be reasonable in terms of what we put in our food in what we put on our skin in our environment.

Martin: You know it’s actually in balance – it’s not that you need to be 99% pure you need to be 51% pure, you need to stay ahead of the decay by detoxifying just enough so that you don’t just keep poisoning your body. So it’s the same way with horse races you know you don’t have to be 10 times faster than the second horse. You just need to be by a nose. That’s the same way with the flu, if you are cleaner rather than you are polluted; you’re out of the danger.

Scott: So do you have anything that you want to add before we close off this podcast Martin.

Martin: Well, I put it this way folks, if you can’t be completely healthy at least detoxify your body

Scott: and it doesn’t cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars to do it either. We are at the beginning of a new year, so I will start off by making sure that I detoxify on a far more regular basis and I have before you know, I’m just finding my experience with the products until we started these podcasts I really didn’t have much experience with them Martin, just a wonderful products and as I’m taking at its love, and I’m noticing a difference in vitality and my skin is clearing up, all sorts of good things. I’ve been close to getting a cold twice just feel starting in my throat and then a day or two later, you know, just a little tickle and then it went away.

And I thought, wow I’m doing something right you know and I think you’re right, I think that it was happening is some of the stuff I’m doing is taking away a bit of the acidity. Plus I’m getting really good food, like the Exsula products, and it’s making a difference and thank your much for taking time out of your busy day to share all this great information with us, Martin, and we really appreciate it.

I know all of our listeners love hearing what you have to share and if you’ve missed our previous podcast head over to and you’ll be able to listen to all or part of our previous podcasts. Head over to like check out the Miracle II line of products they’ll work a miracle in your life right absolutely until next time, Scott Paton and Martin Pytela, restoring vitality to you and the planet, goodbye.

Author: Martin Pytela