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Helps reduce stress, control anxiety, promotes emotional health and self-awareness, may lengthen life span and reduce memory loss… Read More

How to Be Thankful

Be mindful, show gratitude, get outside and enjoy fresh air and sunshine. Eat good food and meditate… Read More

Book: The Loving Diet

Going beyond Paleo into the heart of what ails you. Incorporates the low-inflammatory Autoimmune Paleo diet and the spiritual, heart-centered side of healing… Read More

ORMUS Oils and Lotions

Clear and balance the seven chakras within you. Everything is energy and energy is transformable… Read More

ANCHI Crystals Research

ANCHI Crystals radiate subtle energy, bio-photons and other energy forms that amplify the Life Force. Read More

David Wolfe Interview

A well of wisdom with an extensive answer for every issue discussed… Read More

Meditation Gives Brain a Charge

It changes the workings of the brain in the short term, and also quite possibly produces permanent changes… Read More

Importance of Meditation

Focus your mind to cleanse away unwanted thoughts, to focus only on what you actually want… Read More

Biography: David Pilz, The Oracle

Trained and certified as an alternative health and holistic practitioner, certified Master Healer and Instructor, Reiki, Reflexology, Crystals, sacred ceremonies and more… Read More

Podcast 111: Nano Minerals and ORMUS – Part 2

With Martin Pytela and Scott Paton. ORMUS connects information and energy in your body, a bridge between spirit and matter… Read More