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Podcast 453: Health and The Economy

With G. Ed Griffin from Red Pill University, discussing health, the economy, politics, history and more… Read More

Podcast 448: Folium Detox Products

With Babry Oren. These potent formulas are designed to help your body detox from heavy metals (mercury, radiation), combat free radicals, and boost your immune system… Read More

Podcast 444: Thyrodine

With Phil Thomas. Thyrodine supports and protects your thyroid gland from radiation, balances hormones, reduces joint pain, strengthens immunity and more… Read More

Magnesium and Radiation Protection

Low magnesium is associated with dramatic increases in free radical generation and glutathione depletion… Read More

Iodine for Radiation Exposure

After testing over 500 patients, Dr. David Brownstein found that 94.7 percent were deficient in inorganic iodine… Read More

Podcast 222: Zeolite to Detoxify from Nuclear Fallout

With Martin Pytela and Scott Paton. Return your body to healthy functioning, from pre-nuclear age AND pre-industrial age… Read More

Podcast 219: Nuclear Disaster in Japan 2011

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Podcast 160: Cellphone Radiation Protection

With Martin Pytela and Scott Paton. Concerns and evidence of electromagnetic radiation levels disrupting our body’s functions… Read More