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Podcast 401: Relationships and Growth – Part 2

With Spencer Feldman. Healthy relationships are just as important as a healthy body and mind… Read More


Helps reduce stress, control anxiety, promotes emotional health and self-awareness, may lengthen life span and reduce memory loss… Read More

How to Be Thankful

Be mindful, show gratitude, get outside and enjoy fresh air and sunshine. Eat good food and meditate… Read More

Physics of Sub-Nano Water by Dan Nelson

Most of our water has moved through pipes or confining underground aquifers, creating negative thermodynamic fluctuations… Read More

Essential Oils

Highly concentrated plant extracts. An entire plant, when distilled, might produce only a single drop of essential oil… Read More

Subtle Energy and Lifeforce

Everything both animate and inanimate is composed of highly organized vibratory energy… Read More

Secret Sounds That Heal

A research scientist and bio-acoustic specialist writes about the healing sounds that we feel but never hear… Read More

Not Seeing Is Believing

Although most people don’t see them, there’s always been subtle energies surrounding and permeating us… Read More

Mysterious Miracle Worker

A 19 year old is said to have cured a rock star and an astronaut. Everyone wants a piece of him, but nobody understands what he does… Read More

Book: Vibrational Medicine

Comprehensive guide to energetic healing based on Einstein’s physics of energy… Read More

Meditation Gives Brain a Charge

It changes the workings of the brain in the short term, and also quite possibly produces permanent changes… Read More

Love and Light: Source of Life

Even if a cell were the smallest living thing, where did the first cell come from? Pleomorphism answers this question… Read More