Podcast 037: Systemic Enzymes and Obesity

The guest is Patrick Buehl, President of Generation Plus. Patrick talks about the founding of the brand, and his experiences, his concepts for healing with natural nutritional supplements.

At the core of the Generation Plus philosophy is an unabashed look at all the factors that go into making up a person’s health, including lifestyle, positive or negative attitudes and regular exercise. When combined with radical lifestyle changes, Generation Plus products are unstoppable in providing you with the level of well-being you’ve always dreamed of.

Zymitol is a broad spectrum systemic enzyme formula specially designed to provide the body with the enzymes it may be lacking to maintain youthful flexibility and rapid repair capacity. It’s well known that without enzymes, our bodies would not function. Enzymes regulate every chemical reaction in the body, especially in the immune system. There’s no doubt that enzymes are important, and now it’s easier than ever to get them working for you to build peak performance!

Podcast 037: Systemic Enzymes and Obesity

Scott Paton: Welcome back everybody you are listening to the Life Enthusiast podcast restoring vitality to you and to the planet, I am your co-host Scott Paton along with Martin Pytela, hey Martin how are you doing today?

Martin Pytela: Excellent well thank you asking, and you?

Scott Paton: Good I understand we have a special guest once more because he was so popular the last time you invited him again, so I thought you could introduce him to our listeners.

Martin Pytela: Yes indeed here we have Patrick Buehl, the President of Generation Plus an enzyme company whose products we are proud to distribute.

Patrick Buehl: Thank you Martin and thank you for inviting me back to the show.

Scott Paton: So in our last, I was really excited the last time you were on Pat because your were talking about enzymes and I got the feeling that I could be even younger than I am right now and one of the issues that I have got is the top of my head doesn’t have nearly the amount of hair on it that it had in my youth and I am just wondering is this something that enzymes can have an impact one?

Patrick Buehl: Enzymes will absolutely have an impact at some degree, although Scott we do not produce a hair re-growth specific formula. By introducing broad spectrum enzyme formulas to assist them, its going to work eventually to promote the correction of all abnormal processes including hair loss. We can trace anything that ails us back to an enzyme deficit and that’s evidenced by anecdotally the simple knowledge that by the time we reach our late 20s that’s when we begin to see these types of signs of ageing its very, very rare that we see hair loss in anyone under 20 and that’s again by the time you hit 20 you are beginning that deficit stage by the time you hit 30 you’re really at such an imbalance that everything will prevail and by selecting a broad spectrum enzyme formulation you run the risk of potential hair growth.

Scott Paton: Oh that would be terrible.

Patrick Buehl: I know it would be. Again we don’t manufacturing anything hair loss specific only because it is an issue it is an important issue, we’ve really concentrated more on the degenerative disease but by default of a broad spectrum enzyme formula like Zymitol, you will benefit in many more ways than its design which is for pain and inflammation. Again, you will begin to correct all the abnormal processes because enzymes catalyze every single function in the human body which simply means without enzymes you can support no function, not even life. So by adding a broad spectrum formula with the correct activity level amounts, you are going to benefit in many, many ways and I think that you know it will be very interesting to see I would like to actually get you a bottle of this and let’s see what happens it will be a great topic for a future show if he get some hair growth back there.

Scott Paton: Well and I have lots of before pictures.

Patrick Buehl: Excellent.

Scott Paton: So it will be good to get an after picture that I could show off.

Patrick Buehl: Well I am excited like I said Zymitol is really directed towards pain and inflammation but because it is such a broad spectrum formula, you will benefit in some way at the very least worth going to look for a stop in any more loss.

Scott Paton: Right.

Patrick Buehl: Now as far as the growth is concerned we are going to look towards that as a goal and hope that we see great results.

Scott Paton: No one hopes that happens more than me.

Martin Pytela: We are going to put Scott on Zymitol, yes?

Patrick Buehl: Yes indeed Zymitol as a product is… it is the one product that’s broad spectrum that we manufacture. We… it was the first product we produced and it was for just about everything that ails you, we really added some things to specify it towards pain and inflammation, but that in no way takes away from the broadness of the overall formula and it’s just one thing I would look at to get you some results that you probably haven’t been able to see in anything and even a little result in this case will be something look forward to.

Scott Paton: That’s right and like you see I mean its not life threatening you know. Nobody dies from lack of hair and I can appreciate going after the inflammation everything else. It would be kind of… kind of interesting to see how this impacts on this particular issue because you know lot of people men and women have concerns about it.

Patrick Buehl: Yes indeed yes indeed I couldn’t agree with you more, it is a concern and dominates … I am sorry go ahead.

Martin Pytela: We actually get good number of calls from men specifically men asking if we do have something for hair that actually works and I keep telling them “well you know keep your money because nothing really is going to work also well” and now I am hearing oh no it’s the systemic enzymes again. If the overall health is in balance if the endocrine system is in balance, the hair will come back. Is it a hormonal imbalance Patrick that causes the hair loss?

Patrick Buehl: Well it is and everything can be traced to DHT and if we can promote the restructuring of the system in such a way that everything is normalizing including the endocrine system as you mentioned, we are going to see results and we have gathered a little bit of anecdotal evidence in this regard and unfortunately have not paid a great deal of attention to it because of concern is really in correcting disease stage but something like this can affect someone, I am certain just as much as maybe an arthritis would, its bothersome and troublesome and you know so maybe that something we look towards in the future to get more specific with, there is a lot of things we could do with that formula to [Inaudible].

Scott Paton: Okay well Martin I am really excited you know what’s going to happen to my hair over the next few months and Patrick, but one of the big issues the people have and it causes lots of health problems is obesity in fact some people say that there is an epidemic, its of epidemic proportion the problem that we have with that, and one of the things that excited me the last time we spoke Patrick is you had mentioned how a lot of that had to do with the enzymes and how the… and is not getting enough enzymes to really properly process our food and not getting enzymes in the food that we used to get and the soil not having the enzymes to give to the plants to get into the food that you know we used to have because of over farming and that sort of stuff and I thought it would really good to just to focus in on that particular problem and some of the solutions that you developed.

Patrick Buehl: Well you know so true, obesity is today at epidemic proportions in fact if we can come up with a name for new disease state like diabesity, there is a real issue and this comes from the obesity of our youth leading to diabetes, in every year obesity and weight gain continue to grow in this country and it’s not, it used to be threatening epidemic proportions and we are past that state, today approximately a 127 million American adults, which is 64% are classified as overweight or obese. Now you can understand a little bit about why someone could come from a Third World Country, get off a plane and have the impression that we are just arrogant gluttons here because we are over feeding when the rest of the world is completely starved. There are many issues for this but you know this surplus of fat in the body really increases the risk of many types of developing illnesses associated with particularly 30 very serious medical conditions.

It’s estimated that 300,000 deaths can be attributed to obesity in America every year. Now when faced with unnecessary weight complications and premature mortality we have to respond by taking very specific actions as individuals and accept responsibility for the situation we are in and it really boils down to proper nutrition which is a very difficult thing to achieve combined with adequate amounts of exercise. So what happens is because of global over-farming and industrialization and ecologically toxic food chain compiled with over processing and cooking on top of that we are left with food that is just about void of any nutrients specifically enzymes that can manage weight, hunger, so we overeat nutrient void foods that just store themselves in the body and without supplementation and today with our very lazy way of looking at life about exercise, we are just looking for problems that’s why with 64% it will be 64% of all American adults are classified as over weight or obese. I think its time that we all took a very serious look and take some action.

We created a product called Lipalone, which contains the highest amount of lipase of any product in the world. Lipase is the one enzyme by design that its only function is to metabolize fat, to hydrolyze fat to break down fat and make it a usable form for the human body or rid it as toxic waste and that’s one way we looked at the obesity issue as and is much more than just fat but fat is the manifestation of this particular disease. So we have addressed that with Lipalone again lipase only function is to hydrolyze fats or someone can consume this product with the meal and know that any fat that they have just consumed is either A) going to be converted to essential fatty acids where it can be stored in the muscle tissue to be issued as energy or be eliminated as waste and the same thing happens from metabolic body fats. Fat is already in the system, body fat that we can see this will promote the reduction of abnormal fat levels use the fat for energy and what’s not needed we will expel as waste and that’s how that product works. It’s not addressing and it’s a non stimulant formula, this is specifically directed at ridding the body of fat by attacking the fat. Its not going to… it… fat is the hardest nutrient for the body to metabolize. It’s the hardest nutrient for your body to assimilate, so its very easy to understand once we look deeper into this why we ended up with all these abnormal fat stores that we know as obesity and once we can help correct that issue, we get proper digestion of fat, so we are not going to be storing it and then we combine that with a couple other things that help to cleanse the body rid it of toxins that add weight to the body as well so I guess not only it just address fat weight but toxin weight as well in the form of any stores of improperly digested previously consumed food.

Scott Paton: That’s an interesting point you make Patrick because I heard that one of the reasons why we were fat was if we eat, if we are in a toxic environment and who can argue that you know just look at the smog in our major cities and you know and we absorb all these toxins and with the job of the fat is to kind of surround the toxin and protect the body from the toxins, so the more toxic you are, the theory goes here the more fat you are. So what you are talking about is having something that not only gets through the fat, but it also helps the body remove those toxins.

Patrick Buehl: Absolutely and I would subscribe to that same theory as one of the many complications that lead to obesity its certain that that’s true.

Martin Pytela: You know I was just listening to this CNN I think it was and a major study was being released that there is actually a genetic cause of obesity. Some researchers were really proud to be telling Americans that it’s actually genetic and it’s not their fault and then that is just the genes are causing them to be fat.

Patrick Buehl: Well you know that that’s kind of humorous. You look at any Third World Country I bet you they would not subscribe to that theory.

Martin Pytela: Well I think its total bunk it’s just somebody trying to make money but anyway.

Patrick Buehl: I agree Martin.

Martin Pytela: Yeah but its amazing that you know somebody wants to now be selling what genetic therapy that’s going to fix your genes?

Scott Paton: Well if we all are… its true we are all genetically programmed too if we eat too much food and a sweet fatty empty calories, we get fat.

Patrick Buehl: Well Scott you hit it right there that’s the genetic tie here. So its not theory based this the truth but how about this for us all let’s just not eat you know unfortunately we have to consume food, if we did not its just as simple and Martin even I spoke about this before. You simply has to burn off more energy than you consume calorically. If you are able to burn off more calories than you consume, you lose weight. If you store more calories than you burn off you gain weight and it’s just that simple. There are no excuses here, each of us as an individual has to take direct responsibility for any abnormal weight gain that we have and it’s just that simple, it is our fault, its no one else’s, over eat and you will be fat. Now I will give the benefit of the doubt that we certainly not being aided by our global food chain. But there are measures we can take in supplementation with the products like Lipalone just might be the answer that people need. This is going to bridge the gap, however it is not magic bullet, this simply isn’t one. Again we have got to take responsibility and get off the coach and do a little bit of exercise and then use the product like Lipalone to actually attack the damage that’s already been done to give us a fresh start, and then if we have it in our mind that this is not the state that we desired to be in this fat obese state and do what we need to do by selecting proper food, making proper food choices and giving ourselves just even a moderate amount of exercise along with a product like Lipalone to bridge the gap you really got the magic bullet there but its really not so magic is it? It is very basic and we just all need to remember that and the product like Lipalone helps you get the gains in this account the losses that you would inspire to have.

Martin Pytela: Actually you know we have had some phenomenal results with helping people reset their endocrine system its that firing up their thyroid gland by supplementing their diet with iodine in the form of Kelp or Dulse.

Patrick Buehl: Absolutely.

Martin Pytela: And that alone has made a huge difference in a lot of people that… that are shopping at Life Enthusiast coop.

Patrick Buehl: No you know and I would subscribe to that as well Martin the… the whole plan I guess that we are all trying to make use there are many things that go in to abnormal weight gain and as long as we are conscious of that and take the proper steps and take the responsibility as individuals, we are just simply not going to be there but until then this epidemic is going to continue to grow and I guess that’s why we are doing this isn’t it we need to help to educate the people to get the tools in their hands that allows them to take action for themselves, I must get that 64% on the decline instead of the increase.

Scott Paton: That’s right.

Martin Pytela: I… you know what I hear a lot is people just carry right along into their 20s and 30s and they can eat and they establish their eating habits and all of a sudden somewhere past 35 or 40 for women especially with the onset of menopause, they start gaining weight.

Patrick Buehl: Absolutely.

Martin Pytela: And you know it all ties back together to the conversation where we are saying your enzymes have declined, you are ageing, if you can pull the enzymes back in you are un-aging and you are un-losing I mean un-gaining the weight.

Patrick Buehl: That’s exactly right Martin and it does go back to enzymes if we and it is I mean we can all relate to that any of us that are over 30 can relate to the fact that one day the weight just started coming on we haven’t changed our exercise regimen, we haven’t changed our diet really but at the same time we have a decrease in the value of food we consume every year and in addition to that you know some of us just are maybe too busy to take that 10 or 15 minutes a day to get a little bit of an exercise in and if we can be conscious and make proper food choices, food choices that would allow us to get the nutrients we need to ward off this storage of fats and also a little bit a conscious exercise again with products that help you bridge that gap because we really are at a disadvantage, we can eat any and that this is another reason why we gain weight. The body is starved for nutrients. We are eating a nutrient depleted food chain that makes us over consume biologically because the body simply hasn’t gotten the nutrients that it needs to operate properly and that’s another reason why we gain weight, so all these things combine with many… many more things and the bottom line is proper food choices, exercise and a product to help bridge that gap and you must fire their head in the 64% of the American adults that are actually getting fatter by the day.

Martin Pytela: Yes I hope we are not just preaching to the choir, I am hoping that some people who are experiencing the weight issues are listening to it and are actually getting the point. It’s not really their fault when they are… when they just finished their pizza and their body says, “That wasn’t enough, feed me more”. The body is actually saying get me more minerals get me more enzymes, get me more proper phyto-nutrients its not asking for more carbohydrates its not asking for more calories or starch its asking for real good nutrients.

Patrick Buehl: That’s very true that’s very true and again I guess that’s why we do this we kind of accept a responsibility of getting people the knowledge that’s going to allow them to experience really excellent weight loss and as people really want to experience weight loss just take these things into a fact and its guaranteed to work this is not rocket science but what it is… is our society dominated by an education system that doesn’t address these types of things at any level even if you go to school as a medical doctor you are going to learn how to address the obesity issue so that’s how critical it is I guess gentlemen that we are out here letting people know how to… how to take the responsibility because if they don’t hear from someone like us its not just going to happen and now we can all feel good about getting people the proper information giving them the tools that they need the information that they need to start experiencing maybe for the first time in their entire lives a significant weight loss.

Martin Pytela: So I guess what I need to do is put on a special, a bottle of Excela-50 which is the grains and phytonutrients to get there with the bottle of Lipalone to burn off the fat that they already have what do you say?

Patrick Buehl: You know I think that it would be wonderful idea for anybody that’s listening this is probably a great product special that you really want to go after if you are really interested and you are sick and tired of getting lead down the wrong path of how to lose weight, listen to this podcast again and get the information you need, make the proper choices take advantage of the specials that Martin is offering you and you are going to experience weight loss and like I said and maybe for the first time in your entire lives I think everybody listening owes that to themselves I would just take a random guess that’s 64% of everybody that’s listening is in a position where they need to hear this, so take advantage of Martin’s special listen to this audio again and again if you have to… to pick up on some of the ways that you can help yourself and experience for yourself again maybe for the first time in your lives what its like to start losing weight instead of putting the weight on.

Martin Pytela: Okay the special is going to be on and it’s going to be found in the Exsula Superfoods and healing programs it seem to be called the weight loss program.

Scott Paton: Very cool, so we will put a link to that also on our podcast page so if you now that everyone can find it by going to lifeenthusiast.podomatic.com and we will have a link there to that special page.

Patrick Buehl: You know that’s a great idea and that’s really going to help people going to save money on a product mix its going to help them and if I got a just couple of seconds here we talked about the lipase in Lipalone and how important it is, enzymes control every function. Lipase is an enzyme, its specificity is in reduction of body fat and reduction of metabolism, proper metabolism of fat that you do consume but it also contains gugulipid and fulvic acid. Now gugulipid, an extract of guggulsterones taken from a tree which grows in India and this extract has been used for centuries to combat obesity and arthritis as well study suggest that gugulipid may stimulate the thyroid function and you mentioned that before and its very important for proper metabolism maybe is the center for metabolism is the thyroid. The extract again is been used for centuries to combat obesity with the studies they show that its going to stimulate thyroid function further amplifying the metabolism and contributing to weight loss of this formula. Gugulipid may also increase white blood cell activity contributing to improvement of the immune system and in recent years we really learned that guggulipid promotes reduction and this is important in triglycerides.

Triglycerides are the chemical form in which most fats exists in food as well as in the body. Now once we reduce the triglycerides we are also going to help to normalize both good and bad cholesterol because we are going to strip to low density lipoproteins and a very low density lipoproteins from the triglycerides leading to further weight and fat loss and this product lastly also contains fulvic acid. The fulvic acid in Lipalone is a natural extract derived from ancient broad leaf plant sources. It’s really photosynthesis in a bottle this is the power of the sun at your hand its loaded with beneficial resources, fulvic acid offers naturally occurring phyto and biochemicals like the product you are offering and the Greens formula Martin Superoxide, Dismutase, enzymes, hormones amino acids probiotics, antivirals and antifungals and many other nutrients important in helping to correct the damage we have done by consuming toxic nutrient depleted foods and being in a place that just environmentally we are exposed to many toxins that lead to weight gain is well

fulvic acid restores the electrical balance to damage cells and it neutralizes toxins and it can help eliminate food poisoning as well, so we are going to neutralize toxins, expel them from the body break down the fat and food that we eat make them to be able used for energy, also we are going to break down the fat stored already in the human body. We are also going to contribute to the proper functioning of the thyroid to increase metabolism we are also going to increase white blood cell activity leading to the improvement of the overall immune system which will in a fact would get into but it won’t affect contribute to proper weight as well. We are also going to promote a reduction in triglycerides and while doing so we are also going to strip triglycerides and low density lipoproteins and very low density lipoproteins, all of this in combined formula leads to one thing and that’s substantial weight loss but again I don’t want anybody to think this is the magical bullet, we have to be conscious with a little bit of exercise to help us get on the right path and try to make some proper food choices and I am certain if anybody ever got hold of Martin at Life Enthusiast he can help them make some of those choices as well and really in some supplement packages that he offers online along with these other things

its important to supplement to get the proper nutrients today in many different ways. The very first and foremost are the enzymes which you got to have minerals and vitamins and fat and protein and carbohydrates and all the other important nutrients, all of these which today you are going to have to find in the supplement unfortunately because the food that we consume again its just about void of all nutrients that’s my story and I am sticking to it, but… and I hope that… that everybody else can just take the times and listen to this audio again because you are going to learn a lot, you are going to get the tools you need with the information you learn here today, you are going to get the tools you need to go out and experience your own research and the same things we are talking about to confirm what we are saying and the goal for this podcast today is to help everyone the 64% of American adults finally get to a point in their lives where they can look better, feel lighter you know get that glow back in your skin, the sparkle in your eye and the smile on your face with a confidence and knowledge that you want on your way to a proper normal body weight.

Scott Paton: Patrick I do have one last question just quickly when someone first gets the Lipalone how often and how much would you recommend that they take to start?

Patrick Buehl: Well Lipalone again is its an enzyme formula and because after the age of 30 we are just at such an enzyme deficit if the people haven’t been taking any sort of enzyme supplement before, we are going to need to put them on what’s called the loading phase. So the loading phase would go something like this for the first 30 days, so with the maintenance dose, I am sorry the maintenance dose is actually one vegetable capsule twice a day and you can take that on an empty or a full stomach depending upon if you want a directly value of breaking down the food you consume or the stomach value of breaking down the fat already stored in your body in addition to that we talk about this loading phase and what I would do is triple that thing up I would actually go to… go to something like three or four capsules three times a day for the first 30 days to get these enzyme stores a little more in balance from a lipase standpoint, from a fat metabolizing standpoint and once we have built those stores up it is important to just continue because this isn’t something that we can miss doses and think its going to work. If you really want to make change you have got to be compliant and stick to the programs established on the label or with a direct consultation with Life Enthusiast to get the right amounts for you and naturally what it is in a nutshell.

Scott Paton: Cool great thank you very much for taking time out of your busy day Patrick to join us, its been a just a wealth of information and I am very… very excited to be trying the Lipalone and the Zymitol, its going to be very exciting to report back in a months what’s happening.

Patrick Buehl: We are excited to learn that too and I want to thank both of you gentlemen for inviting me back on the show really… really get excited about being able to help people I guess that’s why we are all doing this so thank you very much.

Martin Pytela: Indeed this is Martin wrapping it up Life Enthusiast coop restoring vitality to you and to the planet thank you folks.

Scott Paton: Bye everybody.

Author: Martin Pytela